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Jaywalker Lodge

We believe that effective treatment is not a consequence of our addiction, but a promise of our future together in recovery.
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True Purpose

Our expeditions and service trips guide participants in living purposeful lives while creating life-long friendships.
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Serious Joy

Treatment isn't the end, but the beginning of real happiness. We provide a nurturing environment for meaningful learning and growth.
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Real Experience

Our leadership comes from decades of real-world experience in guiding and helping young men find sobriety and fulfillment in life.
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Welcome to Jaywalker Lodge

An immersive 12 step program for adult men who are committed to a new life in sobriety.

Jaywalker offers an addiction treatment continuum with a committed focus on 12-step philosophy and community integration.  In addition, we are a multidisciplinary team consisting of MDs, Master’s-level clinicians, addiction specialists, and mental health and trauma experts capable of treating complex clients that present with a myriad of mental health, psychiatric and trauma disorders. Our program is multimodal, clinically sophisticated and achieves a high rate of success within an Open Community Model where clients remove blocks to long-term recovery, create authentic relationships, and discover serious joy.  

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Jaywalker Lodge provides treatment,  transitional programing, and sober living programs in a 9 month continnuim for adult men seeking freedom from drug and alcohol addiction in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Take yourself to new heights—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The men at Jaywalker Lodge are highly motivated to recover: we work hard in treatment and in service to the community every day. And when it’s time to play, the Rocky Mountains teach us the value of serious fun and what it really means to live in the moment. Learn more about our expeditions and mountain recreation—all designed to contribute in meaningful ways to your drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

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the relentless and unapologetic pursuit of joy in recovery