Jaywalker Lifestyle

Situated in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, The Jaywalker Lifestyle is based in personal growth, genuine recovery, and authentic personal interactions.

This way of life is complimented by service to our community and regular adventures in a wilderness that is sought after by people around the world. Not only is Carbondale, Colorado an award winning location with a vibrant friendly community, but the surrounding areas provide a beautiful setting to discover true friends and your own personal truth.

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Carbondale, Colorado

Video provided courtesy of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce.

National Geographic Adventure magazine named our hometown Carbondale as one of “The Fifty Next Great Towns,” and placed us in the top dozen picks of their list.

This pristine mountain community provides a beautiful, quiet, and safe environment for our clients’ daily embrace of the 12 Steps program with mountain-based expeditions.


Carbondale, CO has been featured in many publications as a center for outdoor activity and lifestyle.