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The expedition program at Jaywalker Lodge utilizes opportunity and challenge leading to transformation in the lives of our clients. We acknowledge that challenge looks different to each client, therefore our Expedition programming provides a wide variety of experiences and levels of challenge.

Each week our schedule is filled with opportunities for the client to choose from. These activities provide challenge, success and personal change. It takes courage to try and give oneself an opportunity to succeed, a willingness to just try is all we ask for.

Here at Jaywalker you may find your challenge on the river fishing for trout, participating in a hot yoga class or learning to ride a mountain bike on a single-track trail. Maybe your success is found scaling a granite cliff on Independence Pass, rafting down class IV water on the Arkansas River, or skiing/snowboarding at one of the four Aspen Mountains. The opportunities and challenges await, engage in them and they will transform you.




We believe that service to others is fundamental to the recovery process, and when it’s time to play, the Rocky Mountains teaches Jaywalkers the value of serious fun and what it really means to live in the moment.

Jaywalkers are known in the community as people who give back, helping in any way they can—from local charity events to rebuilding areas around the country struck by natural disaster. Volunteering rewards Jaywalkers with a feeling of usefulness that reestablishes a firm footing in recovery. The shame and guilt once felt as a burden to families and communities begins to be replaced by the humility and significance of giving back to others.
As well, our expeditions and mountain recreation are designed to contribute in meaningful ways to rehabilitation with specific goals designed to enhance the Jaywalker experience.

Service to Others

Service to others is a key component of the Solutions recovery model.  It provides them the experience of getting outside of themselves and being a force for positive change. They encounter those who are less fortunate in their life circumstances, people who have persevered through adversity, and have remained intact in their integrity. They witness the heartfelt gratitude of people who have been staggered by life and are seeking again to stand tall. It is in this common quest that fellowship comes to fruition and the problems at hand find solution.

Addiction is a disease of isolation. Service provides a needed connection to others and the reassurance that life has meaning and purpose.

Jaywalkers meet regularly with local groups including: Habitat for Humanity, Colorado Animal Rescue, Aspen Homeless Shelter, Volunteer Outdoor Colorado, and many others. We are also routinely engaging in service expeditions to aid those less fortunate throughout other areas of the country.