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There is a solution to the hideous, all-consuming disease of addiction. The disease of addiction is treatable, and treatment works.

The key is simply this: Effective long-term treatment is not a consequence of our past mistakes in addiction. Rather, effective treatment is – and it must be experienced as – the promise of a bright and hopeful future in recovery.

BOB FERGUSONAs a grateful recovered addict and alcoholic myself, I landed in 1992 on the doorstep of a well-renown and highly-regarded treatment facility in Minnesota. Following a series of rehabs and relapses, my family was desperate. For my part, I arrived feeling like I was an utterly hopeless case. I had been given “one final chance,” at an extended care program called Jellinek, a specialty relapse program which is part of the Hazelden Foundation.

As it turned out, this was the program – with an intensive focus on the First Step of the 12 Steps program – this was the approach that worked for me. The Jellinek model would later form the basis for Jaywalker’s clinical curriculum when we first opened our doors in March of 2005. Today, I am convinced we have inherited a set of basic recovery principals which are timeless, powerful, simple and effective.
The overarching goal is that every graduate of our program will have a deeply personalized understanding of Step One; along with a meaningful relationship with both the 12 Steps AND the recovery community which surrounds us at Jaywalker Lodge. For sobriety to be sustainable, we have learned that each man needs tangible proof of a positive change which has already taken hold in his life. Accordingly, clients at Jaywalker find themselves challenged physically, mentally and spiritually every day – and together we reap the rewards that come from facing our problems head on and with absolute honesty.

Entrusting your care, or the care of a loved one, to any organization or institution is a big decision. This is a time consuming and expensive process. We honor that trust as sacred, and we do not take your faith in this process for granted. As a result, I believe Jaywalker Lodge enjoys a reputation in our field for unfailing integrity, authenticity and the highest standards of care. We just love addicts and alcoholics. Period.

The staff at Jaywalker Lodge takes this mission seriously; and ourselves – hopefully, not so much so. I have come to believe that the closer you look at our program, our facility, our staff and our men… the more hopeful you will feel about your own future in recovery. This has been my experience.

Yours in love and service,
Bob Ferguson

Founder and Director
Jaywalker Lodge