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prevent-suicideWhen I first walked into the rooms of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, one thing rang true: that it was possible to move on from the past and start fresh. The past doesn’t have to define me; but a lot of times, I let it define me. Today, you might turn on the radio and hear nothing special, or you might turn on the television and see nothing but the average news that is playing every day. Now today may not be full of advertisements and cheer that we so regularly see on a holiday, but it is a holiday. Today is a celebration; it is World Suicide Prevention Day. The World Health Organization released the statistics for 2012, and the numbers are shocking: there were a total of over 800,000 suicides reported. 800,000 lives are lost each year to suicide. Suicide isn’t selfish; the fact that they think that suicide is the only option is selfish on everyone’s part.  We can do something about these suicide rates, we can show someone that suicide is not the only option. A simple hello or a hug could save someone from their past demons. Show someone you care, not only today on World Suicide Prevention day, but every other day too. My life was saved by a 12 step program, now it’s time for me to do my part. Every day for the next year I commit to showing at least one person that I care for them, will you do the same? It could save their life.

Nate F

Jaywalker Alum