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Wednesday Workshop has become a huge part of the education given here at Jaywalker U. This week’s class was held by local life-skills coaching center, A New Path. A New Path was developed by two Jaywalker alumni, Frankie G and Rob M, to help individuals transition from treatment to sustainable long-term success. The workshop was a highly engaging and interactive class where all of the students were encouraged to contribute. Most of the class was spent personally developing schedules for the men that would help balance a manageable life. Jaywalker U student, Brian B. said, “The life skills we learned today were essential to maintaining a balance between recovery, school, and our social lives.” Brian went on to state, “before getting sober I struggled with scheduling my time and how to do it effectively, JWU and A New Path, have showed me a way to have fun while still doing the things that I need to do to stay sober and get good grades.” The students seemed to respond very well to a class that was personal and engaging. We would like to thank, A New Path, for holding this workshop and we hope to see more of you for next week’s Wednesday Workshop.

Donnie Hagenbart
Program Coordinator
Jaywalker U