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Winter activities

Skiing/Snowboarding –

Jaywalker’s signature offering.  Positioned near Aspen, we have access to four mountains and clients are regularly skiing and snowboarding for activities during the winter.  Clients are therapeutically supported as they learn to recreate and be a part of a community and have a great deal of fun.  We cater to a range of skill levels on the mountain and offer exposure to lessons for those just getting started with this activity.  For those who are seasoned skiers, our accomplished staff members encourage growth at any level.

Uphill Skiing

Uphill Skiing-

Clients who are ready for a more physically challenging experience can try uphill skiing. Aspen Snowmass is considered one of the most uphill-friendly ski resorts in the nation. Uphill skiing, also known as uphilling, skinning or alpine touring, involves traveling up a mountain on skis or a split board. Clients can make their own way, at their own pace up the mountain while taking in the mountain scenery. In addition to great vies, skinning is great for exercise and a true full-body skiing experience. At the top of the climb, clients transition their ski settings so they can ski down the same route they hiked. And finishing a climb is not only finishing a workout; it’s reaching the top pf the mountain, which brings a much greater sense of achievement

Snowshoeing –

The beauty of snowshoeing comes partly from its simplicity—just strap in and go. The other part comes from the ability to tread lightly through the snow and experience the serenity of the woods in winter. Snowshoeing delivers without lines and noise.

Situated in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has some of the best natural beauty in the country.  Our snowshoeing offerings allow clients to experience the outdoors and wildlife at a more reduced pace than skiing.  Miles of trails scattered around the Roaring Fork Valley allow for unique and inspiring views while keeping fit and restoring their bodies from addiction.

cross country skiing

Cross Country Skiing –

The Aspen Snowmass Nordic Trail System boasts more than 60 miles of free cross country ski and snowshoe trails that connect surrounding communities. Trails are varied in terrain for beginners to experts. Beautiful vistas, great exercise.

Carbondale and the surrounding community offer many Cross-Country skiing opportunities.  Our staff orient clients to what is a new activity for most of them.  They get a chance to learn a new skill and refine their technique over several outings to expand new neural pathways and find joy in learning something they may not have thought possible for themselves.

Hut Trips –

One of our regularly scheduled expeditions in the Winter involves trips to one of several backcountry huts.  Our relationship with the Forest Service allows us use of backcountry sites where clients will stay for four days.  They will hike up in the snow and stay in a well-equipped cabin with ample facilities for recreation, communal growth while being educated on avalanche safety introduction, including companion rescue skills – beacon, probe and shoveling techniques and protocols and orienteering training- proper use of compass, maps and GPS devices for safe mountain planning and travel.

Hut Trips
Aspen Ice Karting

Aspen Ice Karting-

Operates on Kodiak Ski Lake, Colorado. This man made lake is relatively shallow and freezes over during the coldest part of our winter. It provides a beautiful backdrop for an exciting time driving karts on the frozen ice. Karts will give you more than enough power to experience speeds between 45 to 50 mph.