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Please join us at the West Coast Symposium on Addiction Disorders in Palm Springs, CA. Jaywalker’s Chief of Clinical Operations, Stefan Bate, will be speaking Saturday, June 2nd at 4:15 p.m. on the importance and implementation of Mindfulness in Recovery.

Mindfulness need not be an alternative to 12-step treatment, indeed, it is an effective and viable bridge to a sophisticated 12-step treatment protocol that meets the needs of diverse client populations. In today’s treatment landscape, critics of 12-step recovery argue that the 12-step approach is limited and fails to meet the needs of complicated clients with co-occurring mental health challenges. Often, “evidence based” practices steeped in mindfulness centered cognitive behavioral interventions are offered as a replacement to more traditional addiction therapies. The goal of this workshop is to help practitioners understand that the fundamental concepts and essence of mindfulness are in-line with those of 12-step approaches and can, in fact, be a bridge for clients who struggle with accepting 12-step recovery. This workshop will provide participants with mindfulness and 12-step based tools and protocols that will help them engage in any addiction treatment setting, 12-step or otherwise.