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Congratulations to Lois on 25 years of sobriety. It’s a major recovery milestone for a major recovery role model here at Jaywalker Lodge. Much more than “just” our fearless Program Director at Jaywalker Lodge, Lois leads the rest of us towards recovery in every conceivable way.

In spiritual terms, Lois walks her talk. In a community like ours – where long term sobriety is precious and prized above all else – Lois shows up daily both as a wise and compassionate treatment professional… and as a humble person engaged and connected to others in her own recovery. For this reason, all of us pay close attention when Lois has something to say. We know it comes from the heart, from personal experience, and what Lois recommends is steeped in wisdom and is rooted deeply in her own recovery.

Lois is well known for walking the walk in literal terms as well! Depending on the weather, Lois can been seen around town walking to work or riding her bike every day. What a way to commute… No carbon footprint here!

Lois, we love you. Your leadership, your compassion and your steady example of the promises of recovery inspire us all… Congratulations on 25 years, and blessings on the next 25.

Bob Ferguson


Jaywalker Lodge