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2014-02-16 14.53.13This past weekend the Jaywalker U students had the opportunity to travel to Ouray, Colorado, home of some of the best ice climbing in the world. Every semester the Jaywalker U students work with A local life coach and total bad-ass, Johann Aberger. Each expedition with Johann is specifically designed to help students develop their own purpose and meaning in life.

The focus of this expedition was the value of suffering. What is the value of suffering and what can we create through facing the dark side? In order to create meaningful change, we must be willing to be uncomfortable and face fear. Ice climbing is quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable and terrifying “recreational” experiences we could have; a perfect metaphor for how to navigate the shadow.

For most of us, ice climbing was a sport reserved for only the most experienced of climbers and thus, beyond our capabilities. With the support of the group, we were able to push through our own preconception of our capabilities and begin our journey to the top of these ice walls. Half way up the wall the suffering began and we were all left with a decision; fight through the suffering or give up as we have done so many times before. So we pushed to the top.

This expedition reinforced the lesson that sticking through the suffering can be extremely rewarding in any area of our lives!

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Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U