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climbing twin lakesThis past week I was once again given the opportunity to give back to Jaywalker Lodge.  I went along on the Twin Lakes expedition as a volunteer.  Expeditions are always fun, we ride mountain bikes, climb, go whitewater rafting, and visit a hot springs.  But the benefits are far more than just having a good time.  While on the expedition as a volunteer I help cook meals, drive the clients and lead them in activities, and am also a source of knowledge.  While riding mountain bikes on the Rainbow trail a client asked me “what was the hardest part of your recovery once you left jaywalker lodge?”  We continued to have a long discussion about how men like us live in the world, sober.  It was helpful to the client but also helpful to me so that I can continue to grow in recovery.  I graduated more than 3 years ago and have been volunteering ever since.  It is a huge part of my recovery and I intend to keep that going!

Ben M.

Alumni Volunteer