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Vyvanse and Alcohol: Dangers of Mixing Substances

Drinking in conjunction with any substance poses a danger to your health and potentially your life. However, mixing Vyvanse and alcohol intensifies those dangers and magnifies the likelihood of lethal consequences. Taking to heart the following details about mixing Vyvanse and alcohol may end up saving your or a loved one’s life.

What is Vyvanse?

Vyvanse is a powerful stimulant drug that is commonly used as a pharmaceutical aid for ADHD and other attention deficit disorders. Therefore, Vyvanse is easily attainable through approved prescriptions or alternative over-the-counter means. These ADHD medications require strict dosage adherence due to their highly addictive properties. Furthermore, Vyvanse above all others, is not to be mixed with other substances, especially alcohol. If you mix Vyvanse with any substances, seek immediate medical attention.

vyvanse and alcohol

What are the Specific Risks of Mixing Vyvanse and Alcohol?

We’ve briefly overviewed the fact that mixing prescription drugs with alcohol is dangerous. But what are the specific risks caused by the potentially lethal interaction between Vyvanse and other substances?

Vyvanse’s chemical interactions with alcohol and drugs in the body are so drastic that they can cause epileptic shock. This occurs when the body has exceeded its ability to process or is unable to digest the coinciding substances. Without immediate medical attention, these seizures can lead to permanent cardiovascular and neurological damage or even death.

Mixing Vyvanse and alcohol can induce both short-term and permanent consequences on your vital organs. This can involve damage to tissue, vital cell and enzyme production, and other chemically altering factors. To prevent further damage and help restore your body, seek immediate medical help if you consume alcohol and Vyvanse simultaneously.

Mixing alcohol with medications can disrupt and kill brain cells to the point of acquiring irreversible mental health problems. This includes a wide range of anxiety, personality, and depression disorders. If you believe you may have addiction-induced mental disorders, seek an assessment specialist for possible dual diagnosis treatment. You’ll be relieved to know Jaywalker Lodge has all the greatest mental health management tools to maintain your mental health.

The combination of alcohol and drugs overwhelms your cardiovascular system so much that your heart can’t keep up with the compounding toll. This overloading results in an erratic and accelerated heartbeat that can cause extreme palpitations and heart attacks. Even if you survive the initial attack, the brain’s oxygen deprivation after the fact has equally harmful consequences on the body.

Drinking in conjunction with drug use, especially when Vyvanse is involved, has adverse effects on your respiratory system. This includes lung damage, slowed, or difficulty breathing. In the most extreme cases, it can completely restrict respiratory function, causing suffocation.

Alcohol magnifies the effects of drugs in the system. Therefore, any drug doses are automatically intensified to the point where it can pose a risk of overdose. In the case of Vyvanse, drinking causes an unstable spike in dosage effects and bodily response. This sudden magnification can send the body into shock, and seizures, and ultimately lead to death.

What are the Most Common Side Effects of Vyvanse?

Fatigue for no apparent reason is a common side-effect of both Vyvanse use and dependency withdrawals. That means, regardless of how much sleep you get, you could experience long stretches of extreme tiredness and low energy levels. Personalized rehab throughout the recovery process helps you restore your energy levels to normal frequencies.

You may experience abdominal pain and digestive deficiencies upon taking Vyvanse. The severity of this symptom varies depending on how your body and digestive system respond to the stimulant. Thankfully, there are natural methods to improve digestive function with the guidance and training of our dedicated team.

A less common symptom Vyvanse may induce is nausea of varying degrees up to and including vomiting. This is more common in cases of overdose or magnified effects of mixing drugs with alcohol. It is also more common in cases of overdose or other negative body reactions to the drug. If you are experiencing severe nauseating symptoms, consult a physician immediately.

As a stimulant, Vyvanse naturally elevates blood pressure, having potentially compounding trickle-down effects on your other organs. In the case of addiction, prolonged abuse of Lisdexamfetamine-based drugs causes circulatory issues that could lead to blood clots. Thus why Vyvanse is used in strict moderation with health and code standards and is not intended for recreational use.

A primary reason therapy is highly necessary for ADHD medication use and abuse is because of its anxiety-inducing side effects. The severity of these side effects varies from person to person, and may not arise at all. However, if you experience any coinciding, uncharacteristic stress when taking Vyvanse, especially for no apparent cause, seek professional help.

Increased irritability is a very common side effect of Vyvanse use and withdrawals. People using Lisdexamfetamine-based medications will find they are quicker to anger than normal. This could include being in a bad mood for no apparent reason or being triggered by minor disagreements or situations. Thankfully, medically-aided treatment can help you manage your emotions and help you take control of your faculties.

The general rule of thumb with any ADHD medication is to wait at least six to eight hours after use. Only then can it be considered safe to consume alcohol in moderation. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consult your physician to confirm any potential conflicts regarding your prescription and adverse drinking effects. All individual reactions differ and general information should be taken loosely in contrast to your doctor’s knowledge of your medical history.

What are the Most Effective Treatment Options for Vyvanse and Alcohol Addiction?

Substance and alcohol dependency in any form is a serious issue that requires medical aid. However, it is especially serious when it comes to Lisdexamfetamine dependency and alcohol. These addictions require one of the following individualized treatment approaches.

CBT treatment is a type of mental training that helps you remove negative thoughts, behaviors, and other addictive impulses. The second half of this neuronic training process helps implement positive thoughts, actions, and activities to replace former bad habits.

As too good to be true as it may sound, this is not merely a psychosomatic achievement or placebo effect. It’s a scientifically established neuronic process that takes the top-notch treatment methods of our highly-trained staff to implement effectively. Like most of our patients, you’ll find CBT to be mentally and physically uplifting like a burden being lifted off your shoulders.

One-on-one treatment provides all the individual patient attentiveness, focus, and confidentiality many need to overcome any addictive struggle. These sessions allow you to build a trusting relationship with one of our therapists. Most importantly, it enables us to get to know you and the depth of your addiction to chart an efficient rehab. Reach out to our individual therapy specialists to learn more about our unparalleled individual treatment methods.

Jaywalker Lodge offers family programs with the sole intent of uniting family members to strive together for the common goal of sobriety. Family therapy programs are an enlightening experience for all involved, guiding family members and the addicted party alike on a journey of self-discovery. Through this experience, family members learn how to keep each other encouraged, accountable, and soberly confident throughout and after rehab.

The all-important first step of every substance and alcohol recovery is detoxification. It’s not simply the act of detox, but everything that goes into detox that matters. Top-notch detoxification treatment practices, friendships, and environments play an equally vital role in successful, thorough detox. Correlatively, we know you’ll feel right at home at Jaywalker Lodge’s breathtaking location, serving as the ideal environment for recovery.

Looking for determined individuals who understand what you’re going through firsthand? If so, group therapy may be for you. Group sessions bring people just like you together under the guidance of a treatment specialist. These sessions fend off the loneliness associated with drug and alcohol addiction struggles while providing confidence in achieving sobriety.

Jaywalker Lodge has the most ideal settings and services for every stage of the recovery process. Whether it’s the splendorous backdrop of the Rockies or a neutral outpatient site, there’s no shortage of options to meet your needs. Our outpatient services give you the same access to our supportive team as around-the-clock residential care. Contact our treatment assessment team to see which residential or outpatient recovery program is the best fit for you.

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