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Winter Park Sunrise: To those of us caught in the abyss of addiction a sunrise was a rare and often abhorrent sight. The dawn of a new day was not greeted with anticipation of good things to come but rather with the bitterness of lost horizons. There was nothing to live for. Recovery is about regaining a sense of joy and appreciation for the amazing possibilities of life. Solutions men and staff recently spent 4 days in Winter Park simply having fun. Sore asses from frequent falls on Nordic skis, mogul crashes on Mary Jane, a 4 year chip for Mr. Moreland, and the fellowship of frequent laughter. These in the grand scheme may seem small occurrences, but in actuality they are the horizons so long ago stolen by our disease. We are here to reclaim those sunrises and the dawn of our possibilities. That is what we do. Personally, I’m not down with trudging any kind of road. Happy destiny? Give it all you got.


Dan Reed
Program Director