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Every 4th Monday of the month Jaywalker heads to a church in Glenwood Springs to help feed the homeless. This week the Jaywalker U students helped out. This wasn’t the first time for most of the JWU students but it was for some of the Jaywalker Lodge men. This was a great way for the Jaywalker U students to be great examples for some of the newer guys in the program. The JWU students helped show everyone how to serve the food and clean up afterwards. Most of the JWU students were not required to attend this but all of the students stepped up to help out. It was really cool to see everyone get into this and help out where they could. The recipients were so grateful that Jaywalker came out to help the less fortunate. Kudos to Chef Brian for all of his hard work preparing this meal and every other meal he prepares!

Donnie H.

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U