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CMC Presentations

Janet DeMars, the Director of Jaywalker U, was busy last week supporting the local campuses of Colorado Mountain College.  Last Tuesday night, October 28th, she presented the topic of addiction for the Gift of Learning Series at the Carbondale campus.  Janet offered a definition of addiction, theories and models of addiction, the criteria for the DSM-V diagnosis and facilitated a question and answer session afterwards.  On Thursday, October 30th, Janet presented to the Early Alert Task Force at the Spring Valley campus.  This presentation included statistics about college drinking (80% of all college students drink), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and the Stages of Change.  MI is an interviewing tool that will help staff meet students where they are at, and, by learning the Stages of Change, they will have a better sense of a student’s readiness to make a change. Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

Strong Interest Inventory

Sometimes the Friday activity at Jaywalker U finds the students outside playing and sometimes it finds us inside learning.  During the morning activity on Friday October 17th and 24th, Lisa Runck and Jen Brennan, College Counselors from the Spring Valley campus of Colorado Mountain College, joined our students.  On the 17th, Jen and Lisa presented the Strong Interest Inventory assessment which is the world’s most widely respected career planning tool.  After their presentation about this tool and the six themes of interest (realistic, investigative, artistic, social , enterprising, and conventional) , all of the JWU students sat in front of their computer screens and completed the 200+ question assessment.  Jen and Lisa came back on Friday, October 24th to meet with the students both as a group and individually to talk about their results.  This assessment was beneficial because not all of the students have a sense of their life’s…

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JWU- Tonight

The Jaywalker U students will be telling their stories tonight at the Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley Campus at 7pm. This week is alcohol awareness week and Subway will be catering the even. We hope to see you there! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

ADHD Strategies

Procrastination is one of the chronic problems with those who suffer from ADHD. Psych Central associate editor, Margarita Tartakovsky, talked to some experts who also struggle with adult ADHD and reported on some strategies and solutions for dealing with this procrastination. Here is what she found: Set mini goals, rather than long-term goals Use technology and apps Focus on the end result and how good you will feel once you accomplish something Work on tasks for just a short period of time Utilize momentum: when things are going good, keep going My personal strategy: use the fun enjoyable activities (such as mountain biking) as a reward for accomplishing the tasks I don’t want to do Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

Sober for Subway

Every year Colorado Mountain College puts on an Alcohol Awareness Week at its Spring Valley Campus! The Jaywalker U students will be sharing their experience strength and hope next Monday night at 7:00pm for the “Sober for Subway” student panel. Come enjoy some food and hear the stories of the sober students here at Jaywalker U! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

CTL: Crisis Text Line

Parents know that texting is probably the best way to communicate with kids.  Sometimes it is the only way to communicate.  Crisis Text Line (CTL) serves young people during a time of crisis, any type of crisis.  Access is available right at their fingertips 24 hours a day 7 days a week. CTL utilizes the most common form of communication by adolescents to connect and help. Here is how it works: A teen texts into CTL anywhere, anytime. A live, trained specialist receives the text and responds quickly. The specialist helps the teen stay safe and healthy with effective, secure counseling and referrals through text message using CTL’s platform. Please visit the Crisis Text Line here. Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

Collegiate Recreation Centers

A 2013 survey by Nirsa: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation reports that 92 schools are planning on building elite recreation centers:  water theme parks and lazy rivers.  Recreation center users are evolving from sweat drenched body builders and athletes to students who are looking for a new social arena.  The new recreation centers are instrumental in marketing and retention, especially in the less elite universities.  Purdue and Michigan State report that students’ use of the gym has a positive correlation academically.  The theme parks are attractive and function similarly to grocery store marketing–get customers through the door and they will buy something.  Once you get a student to a rec center, they may start working out or join a fitness class. Themed recreation centers are becoming the social axis of many campuses. Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

JWU Goals Group

Every week the men of Jaywalker U engage in a group to address personal goals that they have set and tracked during the previous week. Recovery principles ask us to participate in each others recovery by being supportive. This group provides a safe place for the men to ask for help in both setting and reaching these goals, and they do it together, as a team. The following list is what we focus on each week at JWU: 1. Recovery 2. Academics 3. Spirituality 4. Relationships/Family 5. Pre-professional 6. Household Duties 7. Health and Fitness As we ask for help, engage the support offered and follow through with our stated objectives we get closer every week to becoming the men we really want to be. This is the mission of our Goals and Accountability Group. Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

JWU Colleges

Jaywalker U collaborates not only with Colorado Mountain College (CMC), but also works closely with Colorado Technical University (CTU) and Grand Canyon University (GCU).  The relationship with CTU and GCU lets Jaywalker U accept students on rolling admissions.  This means that not only do we have students start our program at the beginning of each semester, but we can also have students start our program mid-semester and take online classes through CTU and GCU. Classes at CTU and GCU start on a weekly and monthly basis.  This flexibility allows ours students the opportunity to take classes when they need as well as a variety of different classes. Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

Service to Others

We believe that service to others is fundamental to our recovery process.  Jaywalkers have become known in the community as people who will give back and help out any way we can.  From local charity events to helping rebuild areas around the country hit by natural disasters, Jaywalker’s have made an impact.  That feeling of usefulness helps us reestablish firm footing in recovery. Jaywalkers have been volunteering for: – The Aspen Homeless Shelter – CARE (Animal Rescue) – Habitat for Humanity – Aspen Thrift Store (Clothes for the needy) – Volunteer Outdoor Colorado – Grand Canyon Trust – Mission Wolf – ReMEMBER (Pine Ridge Reservation) – Adopt a Highway – Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers – Extended Table (Soup Kitchen for the Homeless) – Assisting in the Rebuild of Joplin, MO – Green Team

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