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Why Drug Decriminalization Might Help With Treatment and Recovery

When it comes to substance use disorders, there tends to be a barrier of care for those sentenced for drug possession. Oregon became the first state to decriminalize all illegal drugs fully. Whether or not decriminalization can make the jobs of healthcare workers easier is hotly debated. Still, there is a chance that decriminalization might […]

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Brotherly Love: The Community We Have Built

If you’ve recently been through our treatment center, you’ve met our alumni who’ve shared their stories and offered encouragement. Our alumni provide a powerful perspective when they tell our clients their unique recovery journey. Additionally, they set an example of what successful sobriety looks like. Through service, attending 12-Step meetings, providing guidance through sponsorship, and […]

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Why Does Jaywalker Allow Our Clients to Interact With the Community?

One stereotype of recovery centers is that they are places where people hide to get better. People view recovery as a time where a person with addiction sequesters themself from society for treatment. The fear is that interacting with “regular people” will only tempt the person with addiction. However, the truth is that isolation from […]

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