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Staying Current With 12-Step Work


Those of us who have experienced living with the disease of alcoholism and addiction remember how desperately we sought escape and freedom. We also remember the hope and relief that we felt we finally found the program of recovery. Maybe it didn’t look exactly how we imagined it, but we sure were happy to find a solution to our deadly disease, finally. The sheer joy of seeing people who had alcoholism and addiction just like we did, but were now living happy and free lives in recovery, was incredible. Our time spent losing our lives trapped inside our disease could finally be over. We heard these recovering alcoholics and addicts talk about participating in the program of recovery. They spoke about attending meetings, being of service, and getting familiar with the concept of fellowship. They also spoke often about taking the 12-Steps. They called all of this “working a program”…

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Establishing Treatment Methods as Habit

mental health

Jaywalker Lodge is proud to utilize many treatment methods for the men who stay with us. The particular methodologies we employ are chosen for good reason. It’s no mistake that we do things this way. We believe it is in everyone’s best interest for the most helpful, healing, educational, and effective treatments to be used to their highest efficacy. We believe in combining treatments that improve the benefits of one another. The men who come to Jaywalker Lodge suffer from alcoholism and addiction, potentially in conjunction with mental and emotional health issues. Most of our men have struggled to achieve or maintain recovery in the past as well. This needs to be addressed head-on and that’s exactly what we do here. We utilize our particular mixture of treatments because we aim to implement a program designed to heal these issues holistically. Working the 12-Steps Alcoholism and addiction are best dealt…

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Applying the Principles in All Our Affairs


For those of us who are alcoholics or addicts and new to recovery, we may not be aware of the spiritual principles behind the 12-Steps. Hopefully, we have seen how effective the 12-Steps are for people just like us, and we know the life-saving value that they offer. For those of us who are familiar with recovery, we likely know how much the 12-Steps can do for us. But even then, we may not have familiarized ourselves with the underlying principles of spirituality that are embodied in each of the 12-Steps and the program of recovery as a whole.  As we practice and work each of the 12-Steps with our sponsor, we are learning a new perspective, a new life skill, and adding a new tool to our spiritual toolbox — all of which better equips us to handle life with lovingness, serenity, and effectiveness. There are spiritual principles that…

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Why Do I Keep Slipping?


For many alcoholics and addicts, finding recovery is a desperately needed relief. Yet even for those of us who are desperate, sticking with recovery isn’t always a linear journey. Like everything in life, there will be ups and downs, good times, and rough times. Some days will be easier than others. These are the natural rhythms of life, not just recovery.  For some alcoholics and addicts, making it in long-term recovery can be difficult. The reasons for this are many, and they are deeply personal. For some of us, relapse is a part of our story. Whether we slip once or a dozen times, relapse is common. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Relapse happens, but it isn’t necessary. The good news here is that no matter how many times you have slipped, as long as you are alive you have the chance to get hold of lasting,…

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Can the 12-Steps Help with Other Addictions?


Alcoholism and addiction are often misunderstood terms. There is a difference between a hard drinker and an alcoholic, although it is a subtle difference. To understand it, most people would have to be intimately familiar with what makes one an alcoholic. Addiction is another term that gets misused too often.  Alcoholism and addiction are manifestations of the same disease. For ease of use, the disease is most often called alcoholism — the difference being that alcoholism can manifest with the symptoms of drinking or drug addiction. This may already be getting confusing, but reading the book Alcoholics Anonymous can go a long way in clarifying these terms. Addiction is the scientific name for becoming chemically dependent on a substance or behavior. So addiction is also a real medical diagnosis of its own, and synonymous with the diagnosis of alcoholism. Nobody is really “addicted” to their favorite song or their favorite…

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Character Building as a Way of Life


Character building may be a vague or unfamiliar concept to many people, especially alcoholics and addicts. Those of us who have the disease usually found ourselves with little time to do anything other than what our alcoholism or addiction demanded. We had to feed the beast, no matter the cost — though the cost was usually everything. We didn’t have the time or strength to learn how to become the people we wanted to be.  Once we find the program of recovery and work the 12-Steps, we discover freedom from our disease. Now that we have the time to live the life of our dreams, we may find ourselves unequipped to do so. There was much time when we could have been learning, growing, and improving, but we were trapped by our addiction and alcoholism. This realization can leave us feeling like people left behind like it’s too little too…

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We Believe: 5. The Importance of Daily Personal Disciplines


At Jaywalker Lodge, we believe that what we believe is exactly what sets us apart. To put that another way, our core values determine everything we do here. The core principles that motivate us personally and professionally every day inform every aspect of Jaywalker Lodge. We could tell you that we have a strong foundation rooted firmly in the 12-Step program of recovery because we do. But what’s more important to us is that you see our deep personal belief in the effectiveness and life-changing potential of the 12-Steps in every one of us, and everything we do. We could tell you that we have a strong, active community of recovering alumni around Jaywalker Lodge, and that makes us different. Because we do, and it does. But we also believe in intimate relationships and community as cornerstones of recovery and a good life, and we want you to experience for…

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Picking the Tools Back Up

recovery tools

For those of us who suffer from alcoholism and addiction, it can seem impossible to get a handle on life. We struggle to keep it together, or follow through on our intentions. Thankfully, there is a solution. We find the rooms of recovery, and we are presented the 12-Step program. If we really want things to get better, we can take those 12-Steps and begin our lives in recovery. As we work the program of recovery, we learn how to utilize an array of spiritual and mental habits, attitudes, methods, and actions. These positive new ways are affectionately and more commonly known as the “spiritual toolkit.” There are many tools in the toolkit, and everyone’s toolkit is reflective of their own uniqueness. But of course, there are some indispensable tools that every alcoholic and addict in recovery must have. We each develop and fill our toolkit as we work the…

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Feeling Safe in Meetings

safe in recovery meetings

When we enter recovery, we soon learn about the “triangle” — Unity, Service, Recovery. In general terms, these three words represent the pillars of successful recovery from alcoholism and addiction. In essence, they are the main ingredients of our new lives freed from the disease.  Unity represents fellowship and meetings. Service is straightforward — we are to be of service to all others in whatever ways we are able, as often as possible. Recovery means working the 12-Steps on a continual basis with our sponsor, beginning the work of healing, and enlarging our spiritual lives. For now, we are going to talk about a specific element of unity, and a pretty significant part of long-term recovery — meetings. Why Meetings Are Essential Meetings aren’t necessarily the most exciting thing that we are asked to be willing to engage in, but it’s also challenging to find an alcoholic or addict who…

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Why Do I Need a 12-Step Program?

12 step program

People have been struggling with alcoholism and addiction for as long as alcohol and addictive substances have existed. Over the years, many treatments were devised and attempted. The remedies available to alcoholics just a few decades ago would seem barbaric by today’s standards. In this era of quick fixes, there may be less horrific approaches to solving alcoholism and addiction — but not all of them are for real. While different methods may work for different people and 12-Step programs do not have a monopoly on solutions or spiritual programs of action, what 12-Step programs do have is a pretty long history of helping others. The 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been around for a long time, roughly 85 years. Way back then, most alcoholics were given intense sedatives and locked up in asylums or prisons. Addicts were mostly sent to jail or left to go it alone. There may…

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