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strong-interest-inventorySometimes the Friday activity at Jaywalker U finds the students outside playing and sometimes it finds us inside learning.  During the morning activity on Friday October 17th and 24th, Lisa Runck and Jen Brennan, College Counselors from the Spring Valley campus of Colorado Mountain College, joined our students.  On the 17th, Jen and Lisa presented the Strong Interest Inventory assessment which is the world’s most widely respected career planning tool.  After their presentation about this tool and the six themes of interest (realistic, investigative, artistic, social , enterprising, and conventional) , all of the JWU students sat in front of their computer screens and completed the 200+ question assessment.  Jen and Lisa came back on Friday, October 24th to meet with the students both as a group and individually to talk about their results.  This assessment was beneficial because not all of the students have a sense of their life’s career goals, and for those who do, the assessment supported those goals or challenged those goals by revealing the ways in which a student might lack in the skills needed to achieve their specific career goals.

Janet DeMars

Program Director

Jaywalker U