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Carbondale Council for Arts and Humanities (CCAH) featured their 33rd Annual Valley Visual Arts Show on January 31st. Jaywalker Solutions has been known for its service work and was contacted to help with the hanging of the woodworking, paintings, photo’s, and ceramic art work. However, the day of the hanging landed on 1/30/13 when most of the staff and clients were out of town. Zeke E, Solutions client, came to the rescue as he stayed in Carbondale due to performing in a play in Aspen. The CCAH ladies were very grateful for Zeke’s help with the hanging and his artistic input. Thus, Solutions is on board to help “hang” their future shows at their space in the Third Street Center. We have found that service work is a vital part of one’s recovery and would like to thank Zeke for being available to be of service.

Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U