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thisLast week, the Jaywalker U guys traveled out west with Jaywalker U Program Coordinator Donnie Hagenbart to beautiful San Diego, California for their Spring break trip. The crew flew out of cold and snowy Denver, Colorado early Sunday morning only to be lounging on the beach in 80 degree weather a few hours later in front of their beach house located on the coast of Encinitas, California. On Day one of the trip we all headed out to Mission Beach and enjoyed a few hours of laying out on the beach and enjoying the “scenery”. Later that week we went to the San Diego Zoo, learned to surf, went hiking, and spent a good amount of time just relaxing on the beach.

During the trip we also got acquainted with the San Diego Recovery scene. We attended two AA meetings and two BBA (Big Book Awakening) meetings, which is a popular 12 step AA meeting in San Diego. We met many awesome, welcoming people who were really happy to have some young people in recovery visiting from Colorado. All in all, the Jaywalker U guys had an amazing Spring Break. It was a blast and affirmed for us once again that having a fun spring break in sobriety is possible.

Mike F.

Jaywalker U Student