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021_medical-symbol-free-vector-l-150x150Results of a small study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) indicate that one single binge episode (BAC at or above 0.08g/dl) can cause immune system reactions.  The study of 11 men and 14 women revealed that a single binge episode caused “bacteria to leak from the gut and increase the levels of bacterial toxins in the blood.”  These toxins are called endotoxins and affect the immune system and thereby increases the body’s production of immune cells which causes fever, inflammation and tissue destruction.  Blood draws were taken every 30 minutes for four hours during the binge episode and then again 24 hours after the binge episodes.

The long-term effects of drinking have been documented for a long time, but this study is one of the first to demonstrate that single drinking episodes can be harmful to the body.

Janet DeMars

Program Director

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