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hopiThis weekend our Solutions men headed out to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona to assist Red Feather and Kii Nat Wan Lalwa (Local Hopi organizations) in their Tsakwantota Natural Plastering Program. Our men will learn about the Hopi people and their life ways, as well as, witnessing a Hopi religious ceremony held within one of the Hopi villages. Then spend the remainder of their time helping in the ancient process of plastering the exterior of traditional adobe Hopi homes, which is essential to the long-term preservation of both historic homes and traditions.

Solutions is heavily focused on service work as we believe that giving back is an integral part of the recovery process. Service provides our men with an experience of getting outside themselves and being a force for positive change.  Addiction is a disease of isolation. Service provides a needed connection to others, and the reassurance that life has meaning and purpose.

This opportunity gives our men the chance to learn about themselves, the Hopi people, and what it truly means to be of service!

To learn more about Solutions and their service work please visit: Solutions = Service work

Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

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