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Moore OK after“ I can’t believe people are still coming! 4 months after the storm and you’re still coming to help our town.” said a pastor as we sat eating lunch in the parking lot of his church.  It was evident to us that many more will be needed for months to come to aid this ravaged place.  It is always that way in these places of catastrophe, and it is always true that people will keep coming. It is a fellowship of giving in which the spirit of our humanity resides.  All are welcome.   Our tasks in Moore were building fences and hanging dry wall. Our witness was home after home either gone or shattered, looking as if cannon fire had been unleashed.  Our experience was humility as we were thanked repeatedly for being there.  Our reward was that same pastor pledging to do whatever he could to aid the victims of our states recent flooding. What goes around, comes around? There can be no doubt. This carousel we know as recovery, it’s the best ride at the carnival of life. Saddle up and hang on tight. It’s the sweetest merry go round on the planet.

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Dan Reed

Program Director

Jaywalker Solutions