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SantiniDave Santini Celebrates 7 Years

It is with gratitude and respect that today we celebrate 7 years of recovery with Dave.  Jaywalker has been fortunate to have his expertise and guidance in working with men in recovery.  On a personal note, I had the opportunity to attend my first Jaywalker expedition as a client in 2009 with Dave.  On a retreat to Crested Butte with other Jaywalker clients, Dave facilitated an expedition which included a number of activities and chance to bond with men in early recovery.   Waking up the first morning with a hungry crew, and Dave prepping our fly fishing gear, I asked, “What’s for breakfast?”  Dave responded as if I should have known it was going to be an epic day, “pancakes and fly fishing”, and resumed tying flies.   It was a moment I was able to see the group of men around me and how simple recovery could be.  Yes, I was in treatment.   No, I had never had an approach to recovery that involved friends, comradery, recreation, health, happiness, service, mentor-ship and teaching.  It was all right in front of me, and I was reminded to keep it simple, trust people that have walked before me, eat together, and be present for each other.   Thanks for the guidance Dave, and congratulations on 7 years.

-Patrick Shaffer