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Jaywalker is excited to announce the next alumni trip to beautiful San Diego. August 7th to the 11th Jaywalker alumni will descend upon the sunny beach town of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. The Colorado Rockies will be in town to play the San Diego Padres. We will have the opportunity to do anything and everything San Diego has to offer. Mountain biking, surfing, laying on the beach, and watching baseball games are just some of the options available. The cost is $200 that includes food, lodging, and a seat in trusty Sprinter number 5 to get out there. Any activity out there will be on your own dime so just know you will want to bring some extra cash if you want to catch a game, rent a surfboard, or do something outside of the normal activity. We are staying in a gorgeous house only 5 blocks from the coast, about 8 blocks from down town Ocean Beach, and just a few minutes drive from down town San Diego. There are only 10 spots available so secure your spot ASAP! Call Jon at 650-380-1388 or email at jlencioni@jaywalkerlodge.com to get a spot. Hope to see you there!
“But there exists among us a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful.” – Big Book There Is A Solution, p.17