/  The Graduate Program


The Graduate Program is a recovery leadership experience that provides ongoing accountability, recovery monitoring, relapse prevention services, and leadership training to men that have successfully graduated from Jaywalker’s Outpatient program.

The Graduate Program

The Graduate Program (TGP) incorporates the best practices in recovery research to maximize the upside of recovery. This program is for the client who is excelling in their recovery, and wants a little more time in the Jaywalker community. Men that have been accepted into The Graduate Program have access to the following services:

  • Weekly group therapy session.
  • An individual session with a licensed counselor every other week.
  • Weekly drug and alcohol screening.
  • Continuing family case management services – phone or Zoom conferences twice a month.
  • Graduate clients can participate in select Landing, Lodge, and Solutions expeditions.
  • Peer recovery support including mentoring, service, and sponsorship opportunities with Jaywalker clients in all levels of our continuum.
  • Monthly recovery workshops facilitated by our professional leadership coach (workshops include lectures, skills training, and guest speakers).
  • Full access to Jaywalker Lodge Alumni Recovery Services