Jaywalker Mission Statement

Jaywalker Lodge inspires men in early recovery to engage in an authentic journey of healing and self-discovery built upon personal accountability, deep and lasting friendships, and the belief that absolutely anything is possible in recovery.

Our Continuum of Care

The Landing
The Landing
The Lodge
The Lodge
Outpatient Services
Outpatient Services

The Programs

The Landing is the first phase of treatment for many new clients to Jaywalker, providing a safe environment to transition into The Lodge or Solutions program.

The Landing introduces our clients to the accountability and opportunity that extended care offers. Clients are active with recreation and clinical assignments as we develop an individualized treatment plan. Depending on a clients needs and previous treatment, The Landing will last between 3-21 days. We will focus on initial community integration in making transition out of a primary care containment based environment into the Jaywalker Carbondale community.

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The Lodge is the core aspect of our extended care program providing an immersed, structured, peer-driven community for men in recovery.

The 90 day program combines a rigorous clinical curriculum with a variety of mountain-based activities – the treatment milieu at Jaywalker Lodge is built upon honesty, accountability, and service to others. Daily activities include didactic presentations; therapy groups; written Step One work; and community involvement.

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Solutions is our transitional 90 day program tailored for those ready and able to assume personal responsibility for their recovery.

Solutions is a Stage 2 recovery model designed to aid clients in implementing a sober lifestyle that mirrors independent living. By engaging in a wide range of weekly activities, Jaywalkers re-establish personal accountability in an organized and supportive atmosphere. Intense investment in the 12-Step community is paramount. The Solutions program focuses on the specific needs and wants of each individual. Clients have the opportunity to participate in either a vocational or academic track.

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IOP subpage

Our Integrated Outpatient Programs combines education, therapy, and group activities to provide real-life solutions for men struggling with alcoholism and addiction.

The Jaywalker OP program is a fully licensed 90-day program consisting of two evening group therapy sessions, along with one individual therapy session per week. Program participants may consult individually with Jaywalker’s staff psychologist or psychiatrist at the direction of their OP counselor.

Upon successful completion of Jaywalker’s OP program, clients are eligible to enroll in The Graduate Program (TGP).  TPG incorporates the best practices in recovery research to maximize the upside of recovery.  This three month program is for the client who is excelling in their recovery, and wants a little more time in the Jaywalker community.

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Who is a Jaywalker?

The Jaywalker is the addict with a tendency to relapse in the past despite an honest desire to recover. The alcoholic who continues drinking or using because he believes that his life would be boring without it.

The addict who, after a treatment experience, knows all the right things to say but continues to make self-destructive decisions The “adrenaline junkie” who continues to drink or use to enhance the experiences of his unhealthy and risky behavior. The addict who has let his lack of self-confidence, fear and anxiety stop him from becoming the man he wants to be. The man who has had a taste of what true recovery can feel like but always lets it slip away as a result of his own tendency to isolate. The alcoholic that needs a fresh start at life in a supportive community surrounded by recovering peers. The man who needs to shift his focus from the wreckage of his past to the promises of a bright future in recovery