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Jaywalker Lodge inspires men in early recovery to engage in an authentic journey of healing and self-discovery built upon personal accountability, deep and lasting friendships, and the belief that absolutely anything is possible in recovery.

Mission Statements


The Landing is the first phase of treatment for many new clients to Jaywalker, providing a safe environment to transition into The Lodge or Solutions program.

The Landing introduces our clients to the accountability and opportunity that extended care offers. Clients are active with recreation and clinical assignments as we develop an individualized treatment plan.

Depending on a client’s needs and previous treatment, The Landing will last between 3-7 days. We will focus on initial community integration in making transition out of a primary care containment based environment into the Jaywalker Carbondale community.

The Lodge is the foundation of our program of treatment and our model of care.

The Lodge is the core of our treatment program, providing relapse treatment for adult men seeking freedom from drug and alcohol addiction in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The Lodge is clinical multi-modal with integrated mental heath and chemical dependency programing combined with a robust sober community providing our patients with time to heal from drug and alcohol addiction, and apply the tools of sobriety in their daily lives. Engaging in fun and challenging physical activity on a daily basis is a vital part of Jaywalker. Getting out in the mountains helps us look at life from a different angle, and contributes in so many ways to our work on personal growth and sobriety. Jaywalker Lodge simply believes that effective long term drug and alcohol treatment needs to embrace the promises of our future in recovery and not the consequences of our past in addiction.


Our transitional Solutions program is a 90 day commitment tailored for those ready and able to assume personal responsibility for their recoveries and motivated to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Solutions is a Stage 2 recovery model designed to aid clients in implementing a sober lifestyle in a monitored environment. By engaging in a wide range of weekly and structured activities, Jaywalkers re-establish personal accountability in an organized and supportive atmosphere. Reintegration into the workplace or academia on a part time basis is encouraged. Vocational and interpersonal style assessments are offered to aid in guiding the client towards short and long term goals. Intense investment in the 12-Step community is paramount and achieved through 12-Step meetings, Big book studies, sponsor contact, and step focused assignments.

Outpatient and Graduate

The Jaywalker Outpatient Program (OP) provides an opportunity for our clients to put into practice recovery skills while continuing to participate in a program designed to provide a safe, therapeutic environment that encourages and promotes recovery.

We provide a flexible program designed to meet the needs of the individual client who is transitioning into a recovery lifestyle. Like all Jaywalker programs, Outpatient is firmly rooted in the 12-step programs. The Jaywalker Outpatient Program offers individual and group counseling, which includes a primary focus on relapse prevention. Our men meet every Monday and Thursday night from 5-8pm. Our men are required to attend outside 12-step meetings and work with a local sponsor. We strongly encourage our clients to reach out to other men new to recovery and to get involved in both community and alumni activities. Group topics are client-driven and tailored to meet the needs of the current group. Often, our topics have to do with coping with day-to-day challenges that can interfere with recovery and lead to relapse. The group setting provides a venue for the men to discuss these challenges and support one another in overcoming difficult obstacles to recovery. Each client will receive ongoing individual counseling and family case management services that are designed to meet their specific needs. Our treatment services are provided by a masters level clinician, who is supervised by the Chief Clinical Officer.

The Jaywalker Outpatient Program is also coupled with our own sober living. Sober Living is reserved for men graduating the Jaywalker Solutions Program. Our sober living homes are located directly across the street from our Jaywalker Lodge program and allow our men to stay connected with the recovery community here in Carbondale, Colorado.

Outpatient and Graduate

The relationships built between Jaywalkers during their stay at the Lodge are the most valuable—fellow Jaywalkers are comrades that heal together, create a unique bond, and create a lifelong brotherhood.

However, another very important relationship is one with alumni. Our alumni not only lend their support to a Jaywalker’s experience, but they relate, offer guidance, and serve as examples of hope—a vital bridge towards a successful life in post-treatment recovery. Whether it be at alumni aftercare, alumni dinner, on the way to a 12 Step meeting, on the ski slopes or a mountain bike trail, our alums provide an integral link to a successful life in recovery after treatment.

Our alumni are our greatest asset. We provide a number of great ways for them continue to stay involved, including, networking opportunities, alumni events, (expeditions & activities), and a wide spectrum of volunteer opportunities.

men's rehab center

If you’re struggling with addiction, you know it can be tough to find the right help, especially tailored for men. Addiction affects men differently, so we get that recovery needs to look different too. At Jaywalker Lodge in Carbondale, Colorado, we understand this! Our men’s rehab center is designed with both traditional therapy and holistic approaches to give individuals struggling with addiction, mental illness, or both, the best chances of recovery.

Whether you need the full support of inpatient services or the flexibility of outpatient care, we’ve got a bunch of resources to help you on your way to recovery. We also provide aftercare services and access to sober living houses to give you extra support against the risk of going back to old habits. Learn more about the treatment services and behavioral healthcare resources we offer at our rehab for men in Colorado, so we can help you or a loved one achieve long-lasting recovery.