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A person with mind/body coordination conveys an image of indefinable calmness and stability.”
Karen Bradshaw, 4th Degree Black-belt, Chong nu Martial Arts

Tuck, Pluck and Windmill are just a few of cool “ninja” moves a group of Jaywalker employees and myself had the opportunity to work on Wednesday afternoon at the 3rd Street Center. Karen Bradshaw of Rising Crane martial Arts presented the Power of Presence Workshop which gave us an array of tools to better “Handle the NOW ” and cultivate a “Way of Being.”

We learned basic self-defense techniques, and methods for deescalating potentially volatile confrontations. She has been working with Solutions clients and staff for over a year and has become and has become an integral part of their programming. By improving our presence and confidence in high risk situations we can use the tools we practiced to deescalate confrontations while providing personal safety.

For more information about Karen and Cuong Nhu please visit Rising Crane.

With Gratitude,

Mark Kloster
Alumni Coordinator