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pat c poetry
Poetry Everywhere, was the theme of the third annual Karen Chamberlain Poetry Festival hosted by the Thunder River Theatre Company. The festival honors the inspiring life of poet and naturalist Karen Chamberlain, who passed away September 11, 2010. Karen’s contributions and dedication to writers and artists continue to be felt throughout the Western Slope and beyond. The three day festival consisted of workshops, awards, open mic sessions, and featured performers including the Western Slope poet laureate, Art Goodtimes. Jaywalker’s own Alumnus, Pat C, was among the featured poets that entertained several Jaywalker Lodge clients and myself this weekend. In addition to Pat’s inspiring words, the packed house crowds were treated to the amazing mixed-media art work of Jaywalkers senior counselor Kim Nuzzo. The Jaywalker men and I agreed that the sharing of poetry is not unlike the sharing of our experience, strength, and hope in Recovery. Poetry can be used to encourage self-expression, healing, and personal growth for individuals in recovery. Poetry can provide another therapeutic and creative outlet to explore and express ourselves and our experiences.

“Writing is therapy, sharing is healing,” featured Poet, M.D. Friedman.

Mark Kloster
Alumni Coordinator