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ed 4 yearsI’ll never forget the day I met Ed Milos. It was my third day at Jaywalker and I was still feeling homesick and unsure about whether or not I wanted to be here. I remember calling my Dad that afternoon and telling him that I didn’t plan on staying out here for 90 days. He told me to go to a meeting, so I did. It was the Thursday night men’s meeting, which Ed was chairing. I remember sitting down, looking across the room and seeing this guy dressed head to toe in Boston sports apparel. After the meeting Ed approached me and asked where I was from. Turns out we knew each other from back home. Ed went to the same school as my sister and hung around some of the same circles as I did. After reminiscing with Ed on life back home, and hearing about his experiences at Jaywalker, it really helped put me at ease. I eventually asked Ed to be my sponsor, and we successfully worked the 12 steps during my 90 days at the lodge. As our friendship grew I eventually got another sponsor, but I still look to Ed often for advice. I had the “pleasure” of living with Ed last year, and although we drove each other crazy at times, it still made for some of the most fun memories I have. When I heard Ed and his girlfriend Kali were expecting a child, I have to admit I was a little more than nervous for them. But when I got to the hospital and saw the joy on their faces as they held Jaxson, I knew that baby was in good hands. I have watched Ed grow a lot over the years, and he continues to be a huge source of motivation and inspiration for me. Early in my stay at Jaywalker I remember being told to surround myself with people who are truly doing the work to better themselves. Ed is definitely one of those people. Congrats on 4 years Ed, and thank you for being such a great friend.

Sam Goff

Residential Tech

Jaywalker Lodge