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kremerHis has been a quiet presence of strength, wisdom, rationality within the recovery community here in the Roaring Fork Valley for at least twenty five years; good research would show it’s even longer if we take into account the beginning of his career in the Midwest.   I’m speaking of the man I often refer to as a kind of a recovery “Dr. Spock,” our own Jeff Kremer.  He is a humble man who’s spent his career helping those of us who have the illness of chemical dependency.   “Kremer,” as he has allowed me to address him for twenty plus years, would have been successful in any field but he chose “us.”  If you want to have an stimulating conversation, ask him about any of these topics:  the blues, jazz, politics, the stock market, Milton Erickson, mental health, addiction, James Joyce, existentialism, baseball, football,  or running.  You will soon discover you’re in conversation with a man whose knowledge is wide ranging and deep.  He’s celebrating a birthday that qualifies him as senior and he still has something close to a photographic memory when it comes to subjects he’s interested in.  He’s the quintessential steady, reliable, predictable, midwestern “normy” that has been around and helping to carry recovery forward from the beginning of the 12-step story.  He’s a good man with a tough mind and a caring soul.  Happy Birthday to our Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Jeff Kremer.

Kim Nuzzo

Senior Counselor

Jaywalker Lodge