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We would like to congratulate Jaywalkers Senior Counselor and Family Program Coordinator, Kim Nuzzo, who celebrated 27 years of sobriety last week. Kim is a graduate of The Ashland Memorial Medical Treatment Center’s Chemical Dependency Counselor Training Program and a Colorado Certified Level III Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. Before starting work here at Jaywalker, Kim spent approximately 16 years working for Aspen Counseling Center in a program nick-named, “Kim and Drew U.” Not only has Kim made a name for himself in the drug and alcohol counseling world but is also a published poet and a leader in the Aspen Poets Society. When asked how he accomplished all of these things, Kim wanted to keep it simple, “with much help from the program, the 12 steps, and a higher power, all gifted and graced to me through my brothers and sisters in the 12 Step Programs.” Kim also went on to state that his greatest gift of sobriety are, “learning to love the world, myself and others, with all the flaws of each, being a decent parent to my three daughters, and being available to be of some service to others who want to be sober.” Thank you Kim for always being there for whoever needs your help, you have been an amazing counselor and friend to all of us. Congratulations Kim!

Donnie Hagenbart
Program Coordinator
Jaywalker U