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Shredding with the boys -- mostly sunny and a high of 7 degrees!
Staff and Alumni of Jayshredder Lodge

Temperatures hovered in the single digits under a bright cold sky, but our spirits were soaring atop a foot of fresh powder at Snowmass Mountain today. Jaywalker alumni, staff and friends rallied at the top of Big Burn for a few carefree turns together following 24 hours of steady snow dumps in the Western Rockies. For my part, I trailed the pack and found myself carving cautious turns in the deep snow and among the evergreens. At what point, officially, did I become so much older and so much slower than these guys? Who cares… I felt awesome, and aware of how great it is just to be among them. Joy, abundance, and meaning? Yeah, this was a great day, and what more can we ask for than that?

Bobby F. – Founder and CEO, Jaywalker Lodge

Jaywalker Alumni at Snowmass