Most Successful Semester

ryan b 3When I graduated the Lodge this last January, I knew that I wanted to continue my education and had some fears about doing that on my own.  I knew that Jaywalker U would be an excellent choice for me because I would be able to get the support I needed in school and in my recovery.  Jaywalker U helped me further my education as well as begin to live life on my own.  By the end of my stay I had begun to take things on more independently and feel better about how I approached situations.  My semester at Jaywalker U was the most successful semester in my entire life.  Since graduating the U I have further taken the life skills I began to develop while I was there and apply them more in my life today.  I have been able to go home for a few weeks and enjoy my stay with my family and seeing friends.

One of my biggest accomplishments since leaving Jaywalker U, was being able to go to a music festival.  I have a passion for electronic music and had plans to attend a large festival in Las Vegas, so after taking the advice I received at Jaywalker U, I decided to make sure I had a sober friend with me.  I went to the festival  and had the best time of my life!  I was able to be in the moment for every set that I saw and I was able to enjoy it in ways I only thought were possible with drugs and alcohol. Jaywalker U was an excellent experience and today I feel I am stronger in my recovery because of the support and suggestions I took while there. School is now a realistic goal and not just a crazy dream.

Ryan B.
Jaywalker U Alum

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