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tim harrington

This Week Tim Harrington, founder of Sustainable Recovery based here in Carbondale, Co. brought a workshop to the students of Jaywalker “U” on mindfulness in recovery. Joined by some of the newest clients at Jaywalker Lodge, the “U” students were shown some new and practical skills to stay present for their new life. At Jaywalker we believe that while complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol essential in recovery, the ultimate goal of sobriety is to live a life of joy, abundance and meaning. Tim introduced the men to the concept that life does not have to keep going by faster and faster year after year, and it is up to us to slow down and pay attention so we can truly enjoy that abundance. Sighting Viktor Frankl and A Man’s Search for Meaning, he gave us all practical ways to slow down our overactive minds while honoring the thoughts we have. He stressed that meditation is not necessarily about pushing thoughts away to clear our minds, but about noticing where our thoughts can take us and saying “not now” to that negative thinking that can lead us off our path. We finished the 2 1/2 hour session with a short guided meditation to practice, and just like elite athletes, the only way to get what we want is through dedicated practice.

Thank you Tim for the reminder, the skills and your time from all of us at Jaywalker.