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IMG_1589Last weekend, myself as well as the guys here at Jaywalker U took a trip to Moab, UT for one of our last days of transformational work with Johann Aberger. The guys of the house left on Friday, however my brother’s wedding was in Denver on Friday so I had to show up late. I had made a commitment to be in Moab, so right after the wedding on Friday, I left for Moab. I showed up in Moab and grabbed some breakfast with the guys and headed out to the river for a slow rafting trip down the Colorado. Afterwards we headed to do some hiking, canyoneering, and rappelling. All in all, this day seems like it was pretty busy. However this was a chance for us to relax, take a break from our brains going at the speed of light, and also do some things that weren’t exactly comfortable. Meaningful growth happens outside of our comfort zones. It wasn’t comfortable for me to be rappelling down from an arch, with no rock but above our heads. It also was completely uncomfortable to have to talk about my feelings, and have to do so while rappelling. During this Mindfulness in Action workshop, I learned to recognize the inner monologue that all too often is extremely busy. I was able to listen to the dialogue and be able to see which ones were helping me, and which ones were hurting my well-being. This past weekend gave me a chance to have some patience with myself, and others, and learn how to not only explore the canyons of Moab, but the canyons of my mind.

For more pictures of this amazing trip please click on the picture above!

Nate F.

Student and Recovering Addict/Alcoholic

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