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When an all staff email comes across about one of our many alums that work at Jaywalker, we all pause for hugs, high-fives, and gratitude.  Mike is a crucial part of the men’s experience at Jaywalker Lodge on arrival.  Thank you Mike for all you do!  Here is the endearing email we all received yesterday:

Hello All,

My dear friend Mike Koschlakijflkasjfiojeoajfdlksj is celebrating 3 years sober today! Mike for the longest time thought today was Cinco de Mayo but did not realize that Cinco de Mayo is in fact May 5th and not May 2nd. Mike does not speak Spanish.

Anyways, I wanted to give a big shout out to Mike for role modeling to our men what sobriety can look like and that works. Mike is seen at every meeting on every night, and although that takes away from our time together it allows him to be a leader in the community not just JWL but our local community. Mike lives the life that we want our clients to live. I am so grateful that Mike works at the Landing and is the first face that our guys get to see. Mike’s smile is infectious and his laugh is even better. Mike is currently watching me write this email and is blushing. I would take another photo but to quote the great Mike Kalkjfauflaksjfdlkaewroiuaz,xmnvafjlkasjd, he does not take photos very well.

I want to thank Mike for being there for me and supporting me during my times and always being their to talk. I know we all have been influenced by him and I think it is so freaking cool he is celebrating 3 years sober today!

The picture attached is amazing dog that he rescued from the streets of Las Vegas. His name is Atlas. Mike wanted to protect love and care for this creature that shares our home and I am greatful for that!

Please please please  GIVE MIKE A BIG HUG!  Thank you Mike for all that you do inside JWL and for the community as a whole!

Love, Your friend,