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imageWhen’s the last time someone shared with you that you had been the answer to their prayers?  Can there be a more humbling observation than that? We as addicts were more accustomed to being the subject of prayers, said mostly by our loved ones pleading with God for our very survivals. Lyons, Colorado is in need of many answers right now.  They are not alone as there are many similar communities in our state who are in need. Solutions spent 4 days in Lyons in cooperation with NECHAMA, a Jewish relief organization, aiding flood ravaged victims who had few resources and homes buried in feet of mud. We dug and we dug and we dug some more. We tore out rotting dry wall and ripped up floors that had turned to sponges. We hauled piles of debris to the curb to be discarded but never forgotten.  We broke bread with other volunteers on lunches provided by the Salvation Army. We got high fives from a mother and her 4 yr. old son simply for clearing the mud from their garage so they had a dry place to store the few belongings they had left. Their home was gone, yet they were still able to smile. What greater prayer than that? “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.” We lost ourselves for a few days while working in Lyons.  What did we find? Perhaps answers to some prayers of our own.

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Peace out

Dan Reed

Program Director

Jaywalker Solutions