thunderThe Thunder River Theatre Company is presenting Eugene O’Neill’s masterpiece, “Long day’s Journey into night.” The American playwright received the Pulitzer Prize posthumously in 1957 for this tragic portrayal of a family battling the insanity of addiction.  “It is a very honest, sometimes funny, grueling look at the play’s dysfunctional family, and what has happened to them and how they struggle to come to terms with the life they have been handed,” said Artistic director Lon Winston.  The three main male characters are alcoholics and the female lead is struggling with a morphine addiction.  Although all the characters are aware and even admit of their addictions but cannot escape the insanity of repeating the same mistakes day after day. This is a vicious cycle many of us in recovery are all too familiar with.  The men in the Jaywalker Intensive Outpatient Program had the opportunity to experience O’Neill’s masterpiece firsthand last night. One client stated that he could really relate to the themes of family dysfunction and the insanity of addiction, but was also struck by the devoted love the family members had for each other.  Director Winston states that, “Like all great tragedies, the tragic heroes must recognize their tragic flaw- and then can positive change happen.”

When we, as addicts, honestly admit our “tragic flaws” and become willing to embrace recovery unequivocally and accept that we are responsible for our lives in sobriety, we have the hope of living happy, joyous, and free. There are only two performances left, so don’t miss the opportunity to see this wonderful production.

With gratitude,

Mark Kloster

Alumni Coordinator

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