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Learning-Series-Picture-150x150The following series of blogs will talk about the ways that people learn. According to Howard Gardner, a Harvard University professor of education, learning happens through eight different modalities: linguistic/verbal, kinesthetic/bodily, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, visual, logic/mathematical, and naturalist.  Originally, Gardner developed seven intelligences but later added the eighth, naturalist. Gardner’s theory is that a person’s IQ is not necessarily the standard for determining how well a person can learn; he believes that knowing how a person learns is more important for a student’s success.  The succeeding nine blogs will look at each of these intelligences/learning styles, discuss a few of the best ways to study, and suggest possible career paths based on each style of learning.  If you are curious about your learning style, try one of the brief online quizzes by searching multiple intelligence tests.

(first in a series of ten blogs)

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Janet DeMars, Director

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