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Larsen 6 years blogLarsen and I have become best friends over the last six years. He is my brother. We have that unshakeable bond of having escaped common peril. When Peyton asked if I could write a piece on Larsen for his sixth birthday I was thrilled. There were three qualities that immediately came to mind: values, stability, and power of example.

I had never met a guy quite like Larsen. He loved rap, voraciously read philosophy, practiced meditation with the highest priority, and had a cutting sense of humor. I was interested. He was serious about his recovery and had worked through the 12 steps. We hung out nearly every evening and he helped me through my early recovery.

Over the next couple years I watched Larsen grow. He embraced a Buddhist practice and began to build a strong 11th step. He was taught the importance of values in spirituality, that if we don’t like what we’re doing there’s not much chance of connecting deeply. I watched him live this philosophy. He practiced and blossomed.

With some people you never know who is going to show up from day to day. When I spend time with Larsen I know exactly who I am going to get. He will be kind and generous and treat the world well. He will be supportive and will listen. He will also be hilarious and make the whole room laugh. I have always appreciated the stability Larsen has cultivated.

All of this adds up to an inspiring example. We didn’t come in here as winners. Quite the opposite. Larsen has transformed through the years to a powerful and inspiring example. He doesn’t preach or brag, just diligently does his work. He is always sponsoring multiple guys and helping them to walk their own path.

After watching Larsen grow in his practice I too wanted some of what he was building. I had spent a little time in meditation but through Larsen I was able to connect with heavy-duty resources that have proved transforming. It would not have happened had he not been there to point the way through his example.

Happy six years Larsen!

– Tom E