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studying-tipsAfter successfully completing a semester here at Jaywalker U, I can honestly say it has been a fantastic experience for me to get back into school while keeping my recovery strong and in check. When I heard about the program I knew it was the perfect place for me to finish up my stay here in Carbondale and to help me return to a university. I learned how to manage my time and started back on some old study skills that were lost during my addiction. With what I learned in the goals and accountability group, I was able each week to make sure that I achieved my goals and stayed on track. I just finished my last final today, sealing the 4.0 GPA in my first semester back at school sober. It has been a wonderful experience to actually try my hardest and achieve my full potential. I look forward to giving school a second shot now with all the tools and skills I have learned during my stay here at Jaywalker U.


Jaywalker U Student