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strengths-quest-bookWhat are your strengths that will enhance your academic choices and propel you into the career that fits your strengths and feeds your spirit?  Each student at Jaywalker U will take the StrengthsQuest Finder and discover their top five strengths and how to apply those strengths to life today and in the future.  This concept is a different and exciting way to look at what already exists within an individual rather than focusing on a person’s weaknesses and trying to fix them or alter them.  By utilizing the inherent strengths a person possesses they are able to make decisions and build confidence by knowing themselves and then build on these assets in order to achieve academic, career and personal excellence.

After students take the online questionnaire, they will better understand such things as how they prefer to study, how they best prepare for exams and how they relate to their professors and their peers.  For instance, a “relator” likes to study in a group; an “activator” will be a positive group-project participant because he will want to get the project started. Knowing the strengths of team members will help a student leader get the most out of a team endeavor.

In addition, StrengthsQuest will teach students what they do naturally and who they are.  This information will give them clues about the best work environment in which they can thrive. For instance, a person who has the strength of “deliberative” might do well as a trial lawyer while a person who has the strength of “harmony” might not.

StrengthsQuest will also help students better understand the dynamics of their personal relationships and have better knowledge about the strengths of those they interact with on a daily basis.  By gaining self-awareness, students will comprehend and appreciate other’s talents.

Students at Jaywalker U will use the StrengthsQuest language in Goals and Accountability Group each week and will utilize their strengths in the achievement of their life goals.

Donnie Hagenbart

Program Coordinator

Jaywalker U