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“Golf is great, golf is good; please give us the talent of Tiger Woods.” –Golf Prayer

The 2014 Jaywalker Lodge Golf Program is underway and so far the guys in the Lodge are loving it. The guys have the ability to play golf three days every week, with one of those days being a competition day. This year we have switched our home course to Ironbridge Golf Course, which can be a very challenging course even for the low handicap golfer. Head pro at Ironbridge, Doug Rorhbaugh, is very happy that JWL decided to join his course. He has already complemented the guys on how they have conducted themselves and has received only positive feedback from other members who have had the opportunity to play with the JWL guys. Doug is a previous PGA competitor, and he offers lessons at a discounted rate for our guys that are looking to improve their golf game. Even though Ironbridge is our home course it is not the only course the guys will have the opportunity to play. Last Sunday we headed over to River Valley Ranch so the guys could test their skills at another course and everyone had a blast! The guys are already starting to prepare for the Serenity Scramble and are beginning to build teams with the ability to practice scramble play on Thursdays. I look forward to the next couple months of getting to golf with these outstanding individuals. Over and out.

The 7th Annual Jaywalker Lodge Serenity Scramble will be held Monday, September 15th. For more information please contact Kortney Hartman at khartman@jaywalkerlodge.com.

Golf Program Coordinator

Clif Bryant

Jaywalker Lodge