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We believe in the Relentless pursuit of JOY in Recovery !”

The 20th Annual Joy of Living conference will take place October 4-6 in picturesque downtown Aspen at the Mountain Chalet. This is a joint AA / Al-Anon conference featuring talented speakers, marathon meetings, and an Ice cream social. ” The joy of living is the theme of AA’s Twelfth Step, and action is it’s key word” this overall theme is relevant and essential to the Jaywalker model of Recovery.

One of our guiding principles is that, We believe the ultimate goal of sobriety is to live a life of joy, abundance, and meaning. Our men don’t arrive at Jaywalker on a winning streak ! The incomprehensible demoralization of addiction has sucked all joy and meaning from their lives. Through our program of ” Twelve Steps in Action” our Jaywalkers acquire the tools, confidence, and peer support to re-engage life and pursue their dreams and a life filled with true Joy.

Jaywalkers from our Lodge, Solutions, Jaywalker U program, and alumni will join over 200 recovering Alcoholics and Al-Anons in celebrating the joys of life in Recovery. To register or get more information please visit www.aspenaa.com

With Gratitude and Joy,

Mark Kloster
Alumni Coordinator