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aaLogoLast weekend I was asked to take the Jaywalker Lodge clients to The Joy of Living Conference in beautiful Aspen, CO. We arrived at the Mountain Chalet where the conference was held in time to participate in some wonderful fellowship with alcoholics and addicts from all over the U.S. The first speaker we saw was a woman with a message that I don’t quite have words to describe and the second speaker was an Al Anon member who also had an incredible and uplifting story.

The first speaker was a woman who has been sober for years. In her story she shared beautifully and with direct intention about her experience as well as her endless hope and dedication for her life and the betterment of it which was easily related to by all in the room, especially our guys. I watched our guys engage in listening to this particular speaker and give their undivided attention to her because they are all making striving efforts to better their very own lives. Watching the room turn from a spaced charged from laughter and social spirit to a room filled with true faith and belief in this amazing program while having the Jaywalker Lodge clients present for such an amazing message was an experience I will not forget.

The second speaker was an Al Anon member who has participated and witnessed this disease in her husband’s life for longer than most of the clients have been alive. Her message and experience also captured the room’s attention as many of us in our own lives have caused wreckage in our loved one’s lives. To hear from someone so greatly affected by this disease and how they felt then decided to engage/seek help in the Al Anon program gave the Jay Walker guys hope for their families and the pain they have caused in their own family dynamics. One guy came up to me afterwards and said, “I never thought that my family and siblings would be able to move past what I have done to them, but now I have hope.” He then thanked me for driving and participating in the conference with them and to me that is what this whole program is about, hope and helping others.