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brettGreg B, the very first Resident Assistant for Jaywalker U, has left JWU and is now working as the daytime tech for Jaywalker Lodge.  We are grateful for the time and energy he gave Jaywalker U.  Being the first RA was challenging, but he helped grow the U program into what it is today, and like so many Jaywalkers before him he has returned to school to continue his education.

Jaywalker U would like to welcome their new Resident Assistant, and alumnus, Brett Moore (pictured right).  In two short days Brett will also become an alumnus from Colorado Mountain College (CMC).  Not only does Brett have two years of sobriety, he will be graduating from CMC and will be walking with the class of 2013 in graduation ceremonies in two days with his Bachelor’s Degree. Brett is an excellent role model because he emulates the reality that all things are possible in recovery.

Janet DeMars

Program Director

Jaywalker U