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jwu.cmcHere at Jaywalker U (JWU), students are admitted to the program any time during the semester. While they are waiting for classes to begin at Colorado Mountain College (CMC), they are involved in a series of non-credit on line courses. Some of these courses are assigned and benefit the general study skills of our students.  For instance, the JWU students have learned about the seven intelligences and what the best study methods for each type of intelligence.  In addition, the students are able to pick non-credit courses that are of special interest to them, such as history and/or fitness.  Also, CMC offers one day or one-evening workshops on subjects such as healthy eating, swift water rescue, mental health awareness, and first aid/CPR. This offers our students a chance to get back in the swing of school and focus on their recovery while they prepare for their first semester as a full-time sober student.

Janet DeMars

Program Director

Jaywalker U