/  Jaywalker   /   Jaywalker Solutions men volunteer at Hopi Reservation


“Askwali, askwali ,askwali” the Hopi elder repeated as we worked to plaster her home in traditional Hopi fashion.  Her words of gratitude alone made the Solutions journey to the Hopi reservation rich in its substance.  Add to that recipe Kachina dancers in stunning costumes, schooling in Hopi language and culture, and a palpable reverence for the natural cycle of life born of living in the dry heat of the high Arizona desert. Hopi are a people guarded in their traditions, seeking to preserve rituals which have served them for centuries. We were blessed to get a taste, and in return give a little back through working on projects to preserve traditional Hopi dwellings. What is striking about these people is their ability to adapt to what many “anglos” would consider harsh conditions in wasteland soil. To the Hopi it is a garden, a home, a way of life to be protected and honored. Those of us in recovery have worked to transform the landscapes of our lives from barren to abundant. Hopi personify the richness of walking that road, the fruits of those journeys sweet to the taste. Our Jaywalker men are better for being there. It is our hope to return and work with these amazing people and the Red Feather organization who facilitated our trip there. To them and to the Hopi people we say” Kwakwai” (Thank You).  It was remarkable.

Dan Reed, Jaywalker Solutions Program Director