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Sober HouseJaywalker has rounded out their open community model and continuum of care by adding Sober Living. This program will be offered in conjunction with the IOP program to offer clinical support as men step up, and out into school, work, and the community.

Jaywalker Lodge will offer a 90 day Sober Living experience to graduates of the Lodge program or Solutions. Maximum occupancy is five; three clients will have their own bedroom, 2 will share and have an opportunity to ‘graduate’ into a single room. JWSL will have a strong emphasis on community. Once-a-week dinners will be prepared and served by and for the clients. Alumni lead step-study meetings will be open to the community and occur on premises. Weekly ‘house meetings’ will be facilitated by the JWSL Program Supervisor, and will focus on the health of the community as well as adherence to expectations. JWSL clients will also prepare and host dinner for the entire MIOP once a month, to be followed by group therapy. Areas of focus will include: Budget, Scholastic planning, vocational assistance (resume building, interview role play, etc.), exercise and/or nutrition, nicotine cessation, grocery shopping and general balance.

We are very excited to offer this level of care for our clients and further assisting their launch into recovery and community.

Patrick Shaffer

Marketing Manager